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「♛ L I A R ☆ D A R L I N ' ♛」
I want to show you the dream in these hands as the days go by
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8th-Aug-2011 01:51 am - Agonistes of the Eternal Wait
Please take some time to check out my girlfriend's blog and deviant art!!



I'd appreciate it a lot!!!
14th-Jan-2009 02:59 pm - Sleepness
I hate it when people stare at me whilst I sleep. I have woken up countless times in my life with one person or another sitting near me with a big grin on there face whilst they stare at me, which annoys me and kinda freaks me out so I go back to sleep. Today that happened again, and I've gone back to sleep countless times because of it.. Now I woke up at 2PM and there's people talking like "what?! he's not up yet? go wake him up!" "I've been in several times but he hasn't gotten up!" maybe somebody forgot to mention that I was being watched, stared at and grinned at whilst I slept and whilst I woke up.

It sounds stupid, but it really does annoy me and freak me out.
9th-Jan-2009 03:49 am - .
I miss you...
8th-Jan-2009 06:18 am - There is no god
My computers speakers appear to have just blown. I was listening to it real quiet too... And they're built-in as well……… ;_______;

I plugged my headphones in and it played through them, then when I took 'em out, it played through the speakers! xD My computer thought headphones where plugged in or something. False alarm! Whey! I still stand by the title though.. :p
7th-Jan-2009 10:17 pm - v i d e o N O V A
videonova is a relatively new community run by sanaka, where Asian (typically Korean and Japanese) movies from all genres are uploaded. You'll find a huge assortment of movies from different countries, all subbed in English for your enjoyment.

Please join and show some support! And don't forget to comment when taking anything! ;)




This is my half-arsed attempt at pimping. xD
30th-Dec-2008 03:14 pm - Happy days
New years best not suck. This is the first time I've been at home, and without anybody, in several months. I don't like it. I feel lonely. I can't find anything to do, and I can't afford to travel much, which is really shit, 'cause it's been a really nice day.

Christmas was weird. Camille got me the Alice in Wonderland DVD and new jacket, her ma got me a phone charm and her dad got me a new comb and some socks, which I needed. xD Jamie got me a beautiful new guitar strap. It's amazingly tough, beautiful black leather with white fur on the other side for comfort. It's from Japan too hahaha. I'm praying to god my dad will get me my birthday present as well as my christmas present at some point. I need a new bass and I need to renew my passport. My brother bought me Pokemon Pearl, 'cause I had mentioned having the sudden urge to play it a couple months ago haha. It's quite sweet of him.

I got three new mood themes. I'm using Alice in Wonderland for now though. The pictures are too big though.

I need to get the rest of my pay. And I need to remember to turn my last.fm scrobbling on. :p
14th-Dec-2008 08:51 pm - Answer
Forgot to cut. Sorry.Collapse )
14th-Dec-2008 02:08 pm - SMILE

Please vote for my friends animation, it's the last day and it's at number three at the moment. Anybody who can be bothered to sign-up and vote will be greatly appreciated by myself and him. In fact, by all his and my friends too. Please vote! It would be fantastic if he won.

It's his first animation he did for his course last year.

Thanks to any of you who do vote.
12th-Dec-2008 05:59 pm - Meme-ing
Gotta pass some time.
Another stolen from karmik:

memeCollapse )
11th-Dec-2008 01:41 pm - Year meme
The Yearly Meme: Go to your LJ Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2008. Post the first line (or such) of it in your journal. (stolen from karmik)


Feb: I love Sir David Attenborough.

Mar: I've dropped the earth.

Apr: This is definitely pretty good for a first release!

May: I'm so tired.

Jun: Tokyo Decadance is on Saturday…

Jul: fkgfdglgjlknbnwqkeopjfjdsbgdff I feel fucking awful.

Aug: People have been frustrating me lately with the way they use their money.

Sep: Some of my friends are being really irritating.

Oct: I was supposed to work today, but when I called the women I'm working for, she said "Are you alright? You sound half dead." I said I thought I was okay, but was just tired. But she was like "No! I don't want tired! I want vigilance, valiance, and vigor!! VVV! Come tomorrow, have a day off." hahaha..

Nov: Tokyo Decadance is almost here, finally!

Dec: Stole from ninkekun(W・ω・W)

I'm going home today. :o I can get new music and wear different clothes. I can charge my iPod! I'm going to our drummers gig tonight. He's doing some side-project thing with a friend of his and ours. Practice in the morning.
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